How Athena Works


The Athena Advantage℠ encompasses an entire tool box available to students to help them succeed academically, prepare for high stakes exams, and give them the necessary critical thinking skills for the 21st century workplace. Athena’s best-in-class curricula offerings include math, reading, and writing as well as SAT®/ACT® test preparation. These curricula offerings align to new and more rigorous standards, both in Common Core and non-Common Core states.

At Athena, we will provide your child with a thorough educational assessment and develop a learning plan aligned to meet the standards of your child’s grade, both in Common Core and non-Common Core states. We’ve developed the Athena API-or Assessment for Personalized Instruction. Our assessments are research based, time-tested, and administered with experienced educational staff. Most of the time, certified teachers will tutor your child twice per week for about 60 to 90 minutes of instruction per visit. We work with students individually or in small peer groups. We generally recommend focusing on one subject at a time but will accommodate two subject students by parent request.

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